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Welcome to my blog! My name is Oleg.

Here are just reblogs of different stuff and things which are interesting for me such as:

-gowns (gothic, victorian style and others);

-pretty and beautiful women (classical Holywood and some exceptions);

-technical history (computing, information technologies, military aviation);

-vintage, steampunk.

Alma mater: Siberian federal university, Institute of space and information technologies (Russia, Krasnoyarsk).

I have a specialist degree as engineer in the direction of automation of manufacturing processes.

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Emma Watson photographed by Ellen von Unwerth. Sunday Time Style.

Silk dress, American or European, 1878-1879, The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, model Molissa Fenley, 1984.

Cave 19 at the Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra, India.

Ajanta contains 30 excavated rock-cut caves which belong to two distinct phases of Buddhism: the Hinayana phase (2nd century BC-1st century AD) and the Mahayana phase (5th century AD-6th century AD). These caves are considered to be one the finest examples of early Buddhist architecture, cave-paintings, and sculpture.

The first and second photos were taken by Kirk Kittell, the third is by Arian Zwegers.

Jean Patchett, photographed by Milton Greene, New York City, 1953 (via)

Jean Patchett, photographed by Milton Greene, New York City, 1953 (via)

(со страницы vintagegal)

Illustration by Alberto Vargas

(со страницы oldpainting)

Evening dress ca. 1895

From the Kent State University Museum Pinterest

George Dawe. Detail from Victoria, Duchess of Kent, 1818.